Q - What grades are at the school?

A - We have classes for Kindergarten through 12th grade and are State Chartered for K-11.  Keep in mind that Christian Star Academy is non-graded, multi-aged school, so we are not your typical school. Think of us as homeschooling a very large family.  Each child works at his own level which could possibly cover multiple grades.  We keep the enrollment low so each student can be given the time and attention needed.

Q - Can students graduate from CSA?

A - Not only can a student graduate with a high school diploma, we hold personalized ceremonies for our Seniors!

Q - What curriculum is used?

A - Since each student's educational plan is tailor made to fit the student's strengths and weaknesses, a wide variety of curriculum is available. Just because a certain curriculum works for Timmy doesn't mean it will work for Mary. Efforts are always made to keep a good balance between computer work and paper-and-pencil task. This too can vary with each individual student.

Q - Do you teach according to the “Common Core”?

A We will never just automatically buy into anything! We will always pick out the best and leave the rest! Our goal is to bring up children who, first and foremost  know, love, and serve the Lord and secondly will be academically prepared to fulfill His purpose for them in this life.

Q - How much is the tuition?

A - We strive to keep the tuition as low as possible so families who need us can attend.  Tuition alone does not cover the operating expenses so we must always rely on the generosity of others. Students entering kindergarten for the first time MAY qualify for the income expansion scholarship funds through Ed Choice. Click here for further details.


    The following is the breakdown for the 2020-2021 tuition for new students entering CSA:

    Tuition per Child: $3990.00

    Payment options:

    1-Payment up front in full amount by June 20

    2-Quarterly payments due as follows:

      1st quarter payment due June 20
      2nd quarter payment due September 20
      3rd quarter payment due December 20
      4th quarter payment due March 20

    3-Semester Payments:

      1st payment due June 20
      2nd payment due December 20th

    4- 12 Equal Monthly Payments

      First payment due by June 20 and final payment due by May 20

    Unless paying in full by June 20, families are asked to make use of the available FACTS program to schedule their direct-deposit payments.

    The number one beauty of using FACTS is that it removes the Administrator from having to collect tuition, “ I truly detest that job. It is definitely not part of my calling!” says Miss Sue. Using FACTS also helps us create a budget for the year.

Q - Is the school associated with a church?

A - CSA is non-denominational. Please check out our Mission Statement.

Q - What are the school hours?

A - Classes start at 8:45 am and end at 4:00. pm Doors open at 8:30.


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