Christian Star Academy

7 E. Sugar Street

Mount Vernon, OH  43050


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Beginning & Dismissal Time:  8:45-4:00


Students may not enter the building earlier than 8:30.
Lunch isn't until noon so students must fuel up with a nourishing breakfast.
Please pack healthy lunches. Minimize the sweets and maximize the fruits, vegetables, and protein. (crucial


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Each student needs to bring all of the following items except noted by age.

  • Four LARGE BOXES OF TISSUES - we never have enough of these!  (Nicer quality makes for less sore noses for frequent users.)  If you know your child suffers from allergies PLEASE provide extra tissues.  We can go through a box of tissues every couple of days during certain seasons.
  • Two LARGE-Family Size package of table napkins per student (Each student MUST use two at every lunch.)
  • A water bottle (leak-proof lid-no straws) - DAILY REQUIREMENT
  • A backpack of sorts - DAILY REQUIREMENT
  • Two sturdy cloth pencil pouches
  • Four sturdy binder ready-two pocket folders (Must have bottom pockets)
  • AGE 9 and up: Five single subject inexpensive spiral notebooks (College Ruled - not recycled paper)
  • NOTE:  The pictures on all items should be acceptable to the Lord.
  • One VINYL/PLASTIC two pocket folder for backpack (Must have bottom pockets)
  • AGE 10 and up: One – 1 INCH three ring binder with bottom inside pockets.  Sturdy, non-flexible sides.
  • AGE 5-6: proper regular pencils will be provided
  • AGE 7 and up: 24 - #2 lead pencils (name brand that will sharpen easily) - NO MECHANICAL PENCIL
  • ALL STUDENTS: six red pencils - six glue sticks
  • AGE 13 and up: (Optional) Several blue or black pens AND several red pens for proofreading.
  • AGE 5-10: one box of 8 count broad-tipped CRAYOLA CLASSIC MARKERS - PLEASE, one pack fined-tipped markers (non-permanent) and one box of colored pencils - basic colors without erasers, and one box of crayons.
  • AGE 11 and up: one pack of fine-point markers (non-permanent) one pack of color pencils
  • AGE 5-9: age -appropriate pair of scissors that cut nicely
  • AGE 10 and up: good pair of adult-size scissors
  • Two packs of copy paper PER STUDENT - 500 sheets (we can always use extra!)
  • One pair of inexpensive sneakers that will be kept at school as inside shoes.  (Velcro is great for the younger students.  These must NOT be slippers.  NO GLITTER PLEASE!)
  • NOTE:  Please send your child to school in shoes that will be appropriate for outside use on the equipment (good gripping sole, well fitting, etc.) but are also easy for the child to put on without assistance.   Please keep in mind our dress code (no sandals, clogs, or cowboy boots and socks must be worn at all times)  Velco/zippers style is a good choice to prevent tripping on those untied shoelaces. There are so many no-tie options available now. I know students need to know how to tie, but here at school so much time is wasted on telling them to tie their shoes. It seems as if some shoelaces these days just refuse to stay tied no matter who ties them! Untied shoelaces dragging on the floor become a real safety issue for your child and others.
  • AGE 10 and up: stick or roll-on deodorant (no aerosols) - DAILY REQUIREMENT.  A mild-body cologne is also permissible but not in aerosol form.
  • KINDERGARTEN ONLY: one extra outfit to be kept at school in case of accidents or spills. (Pants, shirt, underwear, socks.  Keep in mind they may need these in the colder months, so make them “all season” clothing.  Please bring the clothes in a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name.)

No electronic devices, gum or candy are allowed on the student.

I will gladly either pass an important message on to your student or let you talk with him/her.
Call my cell phone for this and all other messages for your child or me. (740) 398-2721

Phones can be turned off and kept in your child’s backpack.

We can always use the following, if you are able to help.
Toilet tissue (double rolls—2-ply) Rolls of paper towels (2-ply) Liquid hand soap
Hand Sanitizer w/Moisturizers Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags