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Christian Star Academy's dress code keeps in mind your child's safety and comfort.  It is asked that you send your child to school with a clean body and clean clothes.  It is important that your child develops selfpride.  This can begin by the child feeling good about his appearance.  New clothes are not required or necessary.  Clean and hole-free hand-me-downs are very acceptable by all.  Selfpride in appearance carries over into other areas of your children's lives (hopefully academic areas).  No article of clothing should display any characters that depict violence or inappropriate characters or themes.  What message is your child displaying to classmates and others outside of CSA by what they wear? Our goal is to help your child develop into a sound Christian, eliminating distractions to this goal can only be a plus. A good rule of thumb—would Jesus wear it?

Parents, please keep the following in mind as you plan your child's wardrobe:

Acceptable Dress  (Please read carefully with your child.)

  • clean, non-baggy, non-floor dragging pants (for safety and cleanliness), hole-free jeans (patches are fine)
  • knee length or longer shorts in warm weather (no unhemmed cut-off shorts or jeans)
  • skirts should be no shorter than knee length.  Girls should wear shorts under their skirts when not wearing tights.  Girls of all ages will be sitting on the floor and modesty is a must!
  • shoes and socks must be worn by everyone in the building at all times
  • an extra pair of shoes should be brought and kept at school for wearing indoors only (Please see the list below for shoes that should not be brought to wear indoors. An inexpensive pair of tennis shoes would be just fine. Shoes with nonskid soles work well, NOTE for Aug. – Sept. 30 ONLY: closed-toe sandals with ankle strap are acceptable for inside wear only with SOCKS or stockings. NO OTHER TYPE OF SANDAL WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • hair should be clean and neatly combed (Style and color should not be a distraction.)

 Unacceptable Dress

  • Shoes that don't fit the student's foot correctly.
  • Slippers
  • cowboy boots (acceptable for outdoor wear only)
  • sandals or any open-toe shoe (not acceptable for indoor or outdoor), with the above exception
  • clogs without a heel strap (Students frequently use the stairways and we want them to maneuver the steps safely.)
  • belly shirts, muscle or tops with narrow straps, fish-net tops, tight tops or tight pants, (Modesty is a priority at CSA. This should not be looked upon as a negative but a blessing for all.  As Christians, it is our duty not to lead others into temptation - WWJD.)
  • black, jeweled or glitter nail polish, rings (exception: one solid band ring will be allowed per hand), no large hoop earrings, no body piercings other than ears for girls
  • Since our goal is to help your child develop into a sound Christian, eliminating the distraction of excessive jewelry can only be a plus.
  • no face, hair, or body glitter or sparkles, no tattoos of any kind
  • any face makeup that hides God's gift of natural beauty (any makeup that's worn should be so light and natural it's not even noticeable.)

The staff has agreed to abide by this same dress code, striving to be good examples to the students.

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